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What is the Attention Economy?

As technological innovation continues, individuals have more information at their fingertips now than ever. Unfortunately, this includes not only useful and beneficial information, but also mis-information, dis-information, and mal-information

In totality, this effects for the behavioral change by influencing the Attention Economy which constitutes the information based environment of and for individuals.

The Attention Economy is any system which commodifies and extracts value from human attention for any purpose and through any medium with a focus on profit over human values.

Upward Mobility For Everyone

The Upward Mobility Initiative is a data-driven subscription service that cultivates dynamic and personalized change in the lives of individuals seeking upward mobility.

Through the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, we know what global community success looks like. Through the Social Determinants of Health, we know that a combination of cross-sectorial metrics play a role in an individual’s progress.

Think of UMI as the next generation platform building the digital bridge between societies goals for a better world and our personal goals to help us achieve a better quality of life.


The UMi Study represents a seven-year collaborative initiative that brings together a diverse range of community stakeholders with the aim of assessing the impact of the ongoing Digital Transformation and the “Attention Economy” on individuals, their families, and the information ecosystems in which they exist. Through this effort, the study endeavors to investigate novel approaches for Non-Profit, For-Profit, Institutional, Philanthropic, and Government entities to meaningfully engage with the communities they serve in a manner that is equitable and non-exploitative.


Our algorithm that measures individual needs, quality of life & community impact through contextual data analysis to improve social innovation.


A Data Sovereignty focused e-learning platform to educate & engage CBOs & individuals on digital transformation & Attention Economy.


Our platform for gamifying community-based research that adheres to 10 Universal Principles of a Conscious Attention Economy.

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