Using Data Sovereignty to prepare communities and the enterprises that support them for the Digital Transformation

What is Data Sovereignty?

“Data Sovereignty is the undeniable presence ownership, and stewardship over
one’s data across any dimension and or environment”


the state or fact of existing, occurring,
or being present in a place or thing in


The state, relation, or fact of being an
owner. also : the rights or interests of
an owner


is an ethical value that embodies the
responsible planning and management of resources.


The digital transformation has positioned society closer to a dual economic
structure in which the value of contextual data will increase tremendously.


People and communities are recognized as consumers and target markets even though they are the true producers of the contextual data that is used to innovate existing infrastructure and support emerging markets.


Community data creates valuable feedback for industries in marketplaces but without ‘data sovereignty’ individuals are unable to maximize the benefits they are able to get from their own data.


The following published documents represent frameworks that support UMi

The NESD was meant to explore the economies of the future that can support huemanity

The Yellow Economy Doc was created to explore the possibilities and limitations for a Conscious Attention Economy

The Principles are meant to drive the direction of innovation for digital infrastructure across communities.

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